Carbon monoxide detectors can be of great benefit to your personal safety.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends installing at least one carbon monoxide detector in each home.  Groton Township Fire Department recommends that you have a CO Detector on each floor of your home, including the basement. 

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is a product of any combustion process.  Even relatively low concentrations of can cause serious health problems, including death.  Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of accidental deaths by poisoning, and is responsible for over 1500 deaths and 10,000 illnesses every year.  Symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure may include but are not limited to
dizzy spells

The key to avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning is early detection of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide by using a carbon monoxide detector.  However, you have to remember that a carbon monoxide detector is not a replacement for a smoke detector.  They work together to keep you and your family safe.


A.  If anyone has a headache, stomach pain, or other symptoms listed above, immediately call
9-1-1 and move to a location with fresh air.
1.  Implement your Home Escape Plan
2.  Make sure everyone that was in your home is gathered in one area.
3.  Don't go back into the house until the high CO levels have dropped to a normal level.

B.  If no one shows the signs or symptoms listed in red above,
1.  Press reset button
2.  TURN OFF appliances or other sources of combustion (furnace, water heater, wood burning stove, vehicle, etc)
3.  Get fresh air into the building and immediate area.
4.  Contact a qualified professional to fix the source before restarting the appliance.

Although there needs to be an urgency about a sounding alarm,  it is important to know that these detectors activate with minimal concentrations.  The sounds alarm does not indicate an immediate emergency unless someone is experiencing the symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure.  However, you should remedy the cause of the alarm immediately to prevent further exposure.

For further information about carbon monoxide, carbon monoxide detectors, or Groton Township Fire Department's response for carbon monoxide, please contact the fire department at 419-483-7840