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Instituting a home fire escape plan is one of the most important actions that you can take to protect your life, and the lives of your loved ones. The Groton Township Fire Department urges you to develop and practice a fire escape plan for your home.

If you have any questions on how to create a Fire Escape Plan, please call the Fire Department at: 419-483-7840


How to Develop a Fire Escape Plan:

  1. Install smoke detectors on each floor of your home and test them regularly.
  2. Draw a floor plan of your home showing all possible exits from each room.
  3. Where possible, plan a main exit route and an alternate exit route from each room.
  4. Make certain that everyone understands that if they hear the smoke detector, or hear someone shouting "FIRE", they should immediately evacuate the home.
  5. Decide on a meeting place. Someone should be sent to phone the fire department.
  6. Meet the firefighters when they arrive, so they know that you are safe.
  7. Make certain that everyone in your home knows not to re-enter a burning building. Firefighters are properly equipped and trained to perform rescue operations, you are not.

Practice Your Escape Plan!

Regular practice is the best way to help prevent PANIC when an actual emergency occurs. Be sure that every member of the family knows what to do.

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