Follow these tips to protect your life and property from fire

1.  For minimum protection, install a smoke detector outside of each bedroom or sleeping area in your home.
For better protection, install detectors on every floor of your home.

2.  Keep your smoke detectors properly maintained.  Test them once a week to be sure they are working properly. 
Every Spring and Fall, make sure you change your smoke alarm batteries when you change your clocks. 
Use only the type of batteries recommended on the detector.

3.  If your smoke detector sounds an alarm when no smoke is present, it may be defective or have a low battery. 
If the alarm sounds while you are cooking, DON'T REMOVE THE BATTERIES. 
Fan the smoke away from the detector until the alarm stops. 
If this happens frequently, you may want to consider moving the detector
to a different area or purchasing a different kind of smoke alarm.

4.  Develop an escape plan and review the plan with your family frequently. 
Be aware that young children or elderly family members may need assistance in the event of a fire. 
Establish a meeting place outside to be sure everyone is out safely. 
When fire occurs, get out of the house immediately
.  Call
9-1-1 from a neighbor's phone.

Groton Township Fire Department personnel will assist any resident within the fire district that is elderly
or has special needs with installation and/or checking a smoke detector and/or Carbon Monoxide detector. 
Contact the station at 419-483-7840.